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Highly collectible early 1990s guitar designed by English luthier Martyn Booth. This still has original hard case, was also fret dressed and set up by Martyn a while back 

The Yamaha Image Deluxe aka Yamaha MSG Deluxe is a double cut guitar designed by Martyn Booth in the UK. Martyn Booth now makes his own custom guitars. The Yamaha Image was based on the Gibson 335-S, a solid body version of the ES-335. In the UK the "Image" name was already taken so the guitar was called the Yamaha MSG (Martyn's Solid Guitar). It featured a mahogany body with a carved maple top and a set-in D-shaped mahogany neck. Just like a PRS the scale is 25". The Yamaha Image Deluxe has a bound ebony fretboard and two Humbuckers 

  • Yamaha RM-Pro tremolo
  • Locking nut


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