Top service!

I decided to buy an inexpensive 12st and opted for a model from GearForMusic.
Stated as 'NOT' new but great condition and a price that suited my inexperience. No point in an expensive instrument at this stage.
It arrived on time, a couple of days and looks great, I duly tuned it up and noticed I was a string short, the remains of one was still in place. So its bust a string somewhere in its life, But I tuned it up anyway and voi'la "Hotel California"....

An email today was a surprise, I had emailled them stating that I was more than happy with guitar and that any marks or blemishes were minimal at worst and a busted string I can live with.

They have decided to send a set of strings f.o.c. to replacethe broken one!
Now thats service. When looking for other items now, I have to consider Gear4Music as a matter of course.
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