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Hey folks. Gonna be clearing out a few non essential and replaceable bits. My car is making noises like it doesn't want to work for much longer so just being prepared.  Car is out the window. Dog's buggered something up so very possibly staring down the barrell of an operation and therefore, rather a lot of money. Idiot. 

First up, a very lovely Suhr Classic Antique HSS in Sonic Blue. 

Was made in 2014 and was originally a special spec run for Guitar Guitar so not an off the shelf job. Rosewood fingerboard, 510 trem, pickups are SSV and 2 ML standard. It also has a roasted maple neck with a hint of flame. Difficult to get on pictures but it's there. Not so much it's off putting but lovely to look at. 

I've heard people talk about the woody tone and this definitely has that. Very organic and dare I say, vintage sounding. 

Difficult to price so going with sold listings similar spec. 

£1950 shipped to your door. Collection from Nottingham area welcome of course.


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