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weekend sale:

1979 Hohner (Terada factory, similar to Vesta Graham) - £500 (SOLD)

Neck profile is 59-ish. Weight is 8lbs even. Nitro finish, long neck tenon, single piece mahogany neck with volute. Solid mahogany centre block. Pickups are the same Gotoh PAF that came on high end 80s Japan 335s (ex: early 80s tokai es-100 came with these pickups).

It has wear and tear, as it is an old guitar, but plays great.



1981 Tokai ES-100RN (natural colour, rock version, all original, includes hardshell case and original documentation) - £1750 (REMOVED)



1986 Greco SA64-60 with an added B5 bigsby (mint collection era/super real label), hardcase included - £850 (SOLD)

(photos from the store I bought it from, I'll upload newer ones this week)


1991 Greco SA-90 (clearsound collection), original Greco gigbag - £850 (SOLD)

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