FS: Nearly mint 1957 Les Paul Junior - try finding another!

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After much soul searching, I have decided to list my 57 junior here. Probably the cleanest one out there. I'm sure I'll regret this.

I acquired it about a year ago, but have decided I'm not a single pickup person, it's really too mint to gig with, plus it cost me a lot of dosh and I need to recoup some as the restoration of a 1956 bassman is going over budget....(remind me to never buy a vintage amp on a whim, and to never trust NoTom guitars in that respect). 

So here goes. I've lots of photos, but the best thing would be to see it in the flesh - I live in East Finchley in North London.  

Bad bits first: it's had a pickup rewind (to vintage specs). That includes (hard to spot) evidence of a resolder of the end wire where it meets the pots. Oh, and the 7th fret dot marker looks like it is newer than the rest. 

Good bits - everything else. I've cut and paste the report I got from 'Stairway to Kevin' of Denmark St who looked it over, fettled it, and took lots of photos I can provide. 

I've not seen a cleaner one (case included). David Pym has a similar one (but I think this is cleaner) on at £8,995 at the moment. ATB has good clean ones on at the moment for over £8k but they seem to sell out very quickly. Kevin valued it at £8,500. The last but one owner bought it for an eye-watering £12,500 from the now defunct vintage and rare Denmark St (see receipt in last photo). 

Priced at £7500, now £7,250.

Might consider a PX for a Huber Krauster ii (2 pick up version) with bigsby if it weighs under 8 lb (bad back) - or something similar. 

https://imgur.com/rSdSP7M. jpg

Lots more photos available or can be taken, but best to see it in the flesh. 

Kevin wrote:

"Instrument Serial Number Gibson Les Paul Junior (1957) 7 4177: 

Description: This 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior is almost the cleanest example I have seen in nearly 25 years. It is nearly entirely original and includes the original case, both of which are in excellent condition. The finish of the guitar is clean and has nearly no colour fading, and almost no checking, indicating that it was stored in a stable environment for all its life. The neck is straight and true, with the original frets present and has the classic '1957' medium chunky back profile. Tuning machines are original and work perfectly and the guitar has just been setup with a fresh set of 10-46 strings. The only marks worth noting are on the rear bottom bout of the guitar where there are three small dings into the finish and on the back of the guitar where there are two very old light surface scratches that have been filled 20+ years ago. These are just above the control cavity cover. I am unwilling to remove the potentiometers as they have never been removed so I cannot get a source date from them. They are the original pots. The pickup reads 7.6Kohm and has been re-wound previously along with the 7th fret dot marker having been replaced at an earlier time. Such an example, nearly all original and in extremely fine condition I would rate at a value of £8,500.00.

Signed by Kevin Bourque 19/09/2020"
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