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That temptress Jerk Moans has dangled a proverbial carrot in front of me again . He’s got a beaten up custom Tele and as much as I’ve enjoyed this one I don’t need or can’t afford two.

I picked this up from MikeS last year as it’s light weight (just under 7.5 lb), great looking with a resonant premium ash body , nice U shaped neck and the very good balance between the two pickups.

This model was only sold to the European market and afaik is one of only 93 made . It has a Lindy Fralin mini Humbucker in the neck position (Broadcaster in the bridge) but also comes with it's original Esquire pickguard for an easy change back to stock.

It’s got a few small dings and has a bit of nitro checking as well as natural ageing (its about 10 years old and nitro) 

It comes with its fairly well used dedicated anniversary case and candy and can be had for the silly low firm price of £995 plus shipping or a coffee if we are meeting somewhere :-)

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