SOLD 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom (7.6lbs) PRICE DROP £2495

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1974 Fender Telecaster Custom
Selling this guitar on behalf of a friend. It’s an original 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom at a great weight of 7lbs 9oz! Complete with incredible sounding original Seth Lover wide range humbucker in the neck position. Neck is lightly flamed maple and a very comfortable medium C shape (has some decent chunk to it but not overly hefty). The guitar is in very good condition, however at 47 years old it’s not surprising there are some signs of use. The finish has some areas where the lacquer has worn mildly. There are some minor chips/dings. Condition is around 8/10. Frets are in great shape. Compared to other examples of the same age this guitar is in good clean condition.

Looking for £2495

2017 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Sonic Blue JM Relic
Recently picked this up from @Panama_Jack666. A cracking Tele this one! And it has the darkest rosewood fretboard I’ve ever seen! Extremely balanced sounding and just a joy to play with a superb 60C neck profile (the chunkier version similar to a 65C, not the slim version found on most CS Strats). I am in two minds about letting this go but need the funds for the 60s vintage I’m looking at, so for now it’s on the block (might change my mind later). It is in literally mint condition (for a JM relic). I’d like to get back what I paid, which was £2450. I’m not taking offers or trades on this. In today’s market this is a cracking Tele for the money.


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