marshall bluesbreaker with flight case

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For sale is my beloved marhsall bluesbreaker with flight case.

First up let me tell you about the condition as it is fairly obvious from the pictures that there is some wear and tear!
The amp has NOT been dropped, bashed, kicked over or whatever else, it has been well looked after with the exception it's superficiial, less than ideal condition... This is the result of one teething bernese mountain dog puppy.
I stupidly left the amp uncovered and in plain sight of a set of curious knashers... yes i was distraught.

Anyway, this was about 3 years ago. I have used the amp since regualarly and it still sounds as great as it did before it's cosmetic makeover! Along witht the flight case the amp will come with a sheet of tghe tolex and mesh needed to repair.

This amp has been A LOT of fun and is very loud! The tone is unprecidented and It has a certain clarity when overdriven and between my les paul and starocaster it is a very versitile amp.

I am located in the New Forest and would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance or meet at a mutual location. £800
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