Bunch of pedals. Most perfect, all boxed, some almost brand new. All for sale!

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Here we have a few pedals that I've been trying out and for one reason or another, aren't quite what I want/need. Some I could keep, but if the asking prices are met I'm happy to sell. All include P&P within the UK provided I can be paid using PPG. 

From top left;

Donner Verb Square & Yellow Fall Cheap and cheerful and pretty damn good for those with board real estate issues - £25 each. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender - great for blending fuzzes and overdrives to keep all the transient attack - £95 SOLD

pigtronix philosopher's tone - tiny and extremely decent compression, blend know of course as we all need  - £95

Zvex Channel 2 - like the SHO but with a master volume as well, like half a super-duper - £65

Thorpyfx Heavy Water 2  - £135

Walrus Audio Lillian - excellent switchable 4 or 6 stage phaser, versatile and rich as anything £135 SOLD

JAM Pedals Red Muck - Killer take on the Russian Muff. With extra boost foot switch. £135

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