FS: ISP Decimator G-String

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Hi all, having a bit of a clearout after finishing the latest version of my board.
All are used but fully working and all have velcro on the back. Some have a few marks as evident in the pics. All prices include Royal Mail Special Delivery.

ISP Decimator G-String. Fantastic noise gate, I paired this with a 5150 for a NWOBHM project and it worked brilliantly. That particular project is on the back burner for now, but when we return I'll probably get one of these again! £110 PPG

MXR Uni-Vibe £80 PPG
1Spot Pro CS12 £110 PPG
GigRig Generator £60 PPG
Hudson Broadcast £110 PPG
Boss BD2 w/Keeley mod £55 PPG
Wampler Ego V2 sold on Reverb for £120
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