My need for a les paul style guitar has now got bad.

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Any way I usually have a love hate relationship with Les Pauls as I love the look, the sound, the feel yet playing live I just get annoyed for some strange reason.. this only happens after playing a run of gigs with a les paul.. 
But that being said I really want one again and while I would love a real Gibson especaily a classic in ebony I'm not that rich lol. So I have narrowed it down to 4 les pauls or les paul style guitars and what to know what people think they would go for. 

1. Epiphone Les Paul custom - the new 2020 model 
2. Burny Les Paul Custom - Had one of these a while ago and while I know they are Chinese made I still thought it was a great guitar compared to the Epiphone les pauls at the time (2011)
3. ESP LTD 401 - its a consideration as I like the idea of the body being a bit thinner 
4. Gretsch G5220 - Ok this one is not technically a les paul but I've always loved the look of the duo jet and always fancied a Gretsch my main concern is the pickups and the fact of how hard it might be to upgrade them to something more me like a dimarzio SD or Duncan Custom 

Any input of any other considerations apart from say the vintage brand as I dont like them at all for some reason. 
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