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paulmapp8306paulmapp8306 Frets: 715
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Looking at adding a custom shop tele....

Probably will be my last guitar.....

I have a prs cu22, a selectvstrat and a tom anderson cobra s woth p90s.  Im missing the rounder (compared to bridge p90) bridge pu sound.

Im 100% i want an ash body and maple neck, but after that.....neck will likely be roasted flame or birds eye... im a suckee for that but on an ash body and particularly a tele, a fm or quilt top is wrong, so will get the figuring in the neck.

Neck profile??  Strat is slim c ( now modeen c) and prs with wide thin...but over time tasts change and i prefee the deeper anderson neck now.   Dont think id like a U, and think oval C/60s c would be good.  D OR SOFT V though ????

Pus...i know i dont want the twisted tele but beyong that??  Not adverse to looking at TV jones in neck or even both positions if it suits.

Colour??   Needs to show off any wood grain, and do i want traditionsl butterscotch or something 99% of cs teles arnt.

Fret profile ??? No clue here really.

This is the start of the journey really, and i expect it to take months to fine tune what i need/want and then to find one, or even custom order one if need be.

So, for those tele hounds out there what are the suggestions?

The aim will be for the tom anderson  and tele to be my main guitars with the strat just for the quack and prs for more focussed heavy driven stuff, and both for home use/recording only really.

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  • GuyRGuyR Frets: 1044
    Probably my last guitar? Delusional for anyone not yet in palliative care.
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  • HAL9000HAL9000 Frets: 7141
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    Im 100% i want an ash body and maple neck


    Neck profile??  SOFT V though ????


    Colour??   Needs to show off any wood grain...

    I’ve got a US Std in natural lite ash, and often get comments on good the grain looks. I’m sure the wood on a CS would look even better.

    Soft V? I can get on with just about any neck profile except a V. I like the idea but my hand cramps up after a few minutes. I’ve heard other people say the same. Before you buy one make absolutely certain that it works for you.

    Colour? If I’m honest I’d have to admit that a natural ash body, combined with a maple board, and a white scratchplate does look slightly anaemic. A torty guard and/or a transparent colour could well improve things. (Only reason I’ve not done this is that the guitar was a present and has sentimental value as is.) Fortunately the ash has darkened somewhat with age and has acquired a more golden hue.
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