Is the COVID crisis over?

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  • John_AJohn_A Frets: 3751
    There are also a lot of people on various immunotherapy treatments, and people with blood cancers that have no protection after two vaccinations
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  • thebreezethebreeze Frets: 2032
    I think the covid crisis is just beginning.  If (as now seems likely) the virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab and the prominent scientists involved have lied to us all along and done their best to cover it up, then it’s changed the world and we’re living in a much more dangerous world.  China is going to become increasingly isolated and will act more dangerously as a result of embarrassment, guilt and feeling threatened.  Generally, mistrust and anger will be the prevailing backdrop and that’s going to be very damaging for science but for politics too.

    Basically, if the powers-that-be are more concerned about saving face than saving people, I think people are going to find it hard to know which way to turn and who to believe about what.
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