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My relocation and rightsizing campaign continues.

If you'd like more photos or want fuller descriptions then please message me 

Marshall 2045 cab

1973 - with cover from new.  I sold the matching head.  Comes with matching G12Hs T1281

Priced to sell at £750 - I've seen them for sale for over £1k but I think this price is realistic

Mongotone 2 x 12 and 2 x 10 cab

Custom built 2 x 12 and 2 x 10 cab by (now defunct) Mongotone.  Unloaded.  Mahogany with nitro (!)

Beautiful - with cover.  £500 negotiable

Torres 2 x 10 cab 

Dan Torres - a Fender amp guru.  This is an unloaded US made nicely constructed pine cab.  Switchable, black tolex with silver sparkle grill cloth.  I think if you put neos or other lightweight speakers you'd have a very portable great sounding cab
I think it's worth £150 but will listen to offers

Zinky 2 x 12 cab with Zinky original Eminence designed speakers

Rare cab - small in size but supremely solid and huge sounding  2 x 12 cab.  I can't find any for sale right now - but Reverb had one sold at around the £300 mark in the US - so I'm asking £275

Fender Bassman RI

Lacquered tolex, with Fender cover.  I wish I could say it was immaculate but the tolex has discolored in patches, and comes with 2 original Eminence blue frames (considered better than the Jensen's in the LTD) and 2 Copperheads - sounds lovely.
Priced at a realistic £750

Burman 502 amp

Very rare in this condition - wholly original.  Sounds monstrous, weighs a ton.  I recently got some replacement knob covers (they fall off) - original speakers, Gold Lion KT77s.  Gold Lion badge.    I've seen the prices recent ones have gone for and not gone for - price based on £750 negotiable.

Fender Bassman 1964

Blackface AA864 circuit. November 1964 - NK stamp on the label.  Original export 240v model.  It has an unknown hole on the faceplate (Allen mod?) but it's the stock circuit.  Very quiet amp, recent new power valves, it doesn't come with the Port City cab.

Asking £1650

Contrary to public opinion I'm near Manchester and not near the M20!
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