How infectious are those who are infected but asymptomatic (vaccinated or already immune)?

I thought there would be a lot more talk of this

There's a lot of talk about "even if you're vaccinated you can have a high viral load", but what is the effect of that?

If you have no symptoms:
  • you're not coughing aerosols into the air
  • you're probably only going to have a high viral load for a short time, if your immune system is on-track for killing off the virus particles 
If these weren't typical mitigating factors, I can't see how herd immunity could work for any virus
Byambasuren’s review also found that asymptomatic individuals were 42% less likely to transmit the virus than symptomatic people.
As part of a large population study in Geneva, Switzerland, researchers modelled viral spread among people living together. In a manuscript posted on medRxiv this month2, they report that the risk of an asymptomatic person passing the virus to others in their home is about one-quarter of the risk of transmission from a symptomatic person.

I'm guessing that the home environment is a more realistic model - probably asymptomatic people modify their contacts outside their homes

Is 25% as infectious realistic?
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    WHO said asymptomatic transmission is rare back in June 2020

    in Jan 2020, Fauci said asymptomatic people have never been the driver of viruses and that it is rare for an asymptomatic person to spread the disease.

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    A lot of the vaccinate / high viral load talk is just that - Talk - usually by people who like talking and live in the "we don't know, but I'd like it to be really dangerous so I can say I'm really scared and worried" part of the population.

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