SFX Live (Alan Murphy)

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The thread on fun riffs to play (link below) caused me to look for clips of Six Eight by SFX on Youtube. I say fun riff! It's a tricky and frustrating riff that I have to really work at every time I take a break from trying to play it.

My search found this live audio clip (below) which has only just been posted on Youtube. It's a bit of a find for me and I was almost certainly there, as I used to go to all their gigs (mainly at The Cricketers), being totally obsessed with Alan Murphy's playing. As I've mentioned before (probably countless times ), Alan Murphy showed me how to play the main riff at one gig. Listening to these clips now makes me realise what a monster player Felix Krish was on bass.

Check out Alan Murphy's solo at about 1:50.

There are a few more if you check the uploader's link beneath the clip

It's not a competition.
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