Mandatory Vaccinations For Care Workers

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Along with the day job of running my own business, I volunteer and deliver meals on wheels to the elderly and vulnerable.
I'll leave names out, but I just received this email from the co-ordinator I work with. I'm posting it so people can understand the real world implications of their demands.

Hi Everyone
Hope you’re all well. I’m sure you are aware of the staffing issues that Care in Community providers like us are having in recruiting staff and losing staff due to the mandatory vaccine situation for Social Care workers. We are in a real difficult situation at the moment with a shortage of staff to cover some of our care packages and this will really impact those individuals who rely on our carers providing the care and support they need to remain independent in their own homes.

We are asking if any of you out there are looking to earn a bit of extra money for Christmas and if so would you like to join our care staff team, this would be of benefit to you but would also be a massive support to us. 

We can offer evenings, weekend shifts, some shifts within school hours, one evening or more a week, pay rates are competitive and there are other incentives for travel etc. This is a great team of people who want to make a difference to older people so if you are at all interested please come through to us

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    Interesting.  I was speaking with a social worker friend at the weekend who basically described the same issue.  Her take was that a lot of staff in care homes are young and they’d rather leave/not apply rather than being forced into vaccinations they feel they don’t need.  That’s notwithstanding all the vulnerable are vaccinated of course.
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