FS: Vintage 1972 Fender Deluxe Reverb silverface (£1750) £1600

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1972 Fender Deluxe Reverb silverface for sale. The amp is in very good condition and has been well maintained. The capacitors have been changed, and before my ownership a number of changes/upgrades were made: the speaker was changed to a G12H30 70th Anniversary, the reverb tank was replaced as the original died, the tremolo optoisolator was fixed, the original metal slider feet (aka floor-scratchers) were replaced with rubber feet, the speaker cable was replaced with one from Award Session and the bright cap on the reverb/trem channel was unsoldered. I still have the original speaker which I was told works but doesn’t sound great, the original reverb tank, the trem parts, the metal feet and the old capacitors. Comes with Roqsolid fitted padded cover.

Collection is from Salisbury in Wiltshire or I could meet halfway if you’re not too far away, but I won’t post this. I’m asking (£1750) £1600 and would prefer a sale rather than a trade but might be interested in a trade with a lightweight Fender CS Relic rosewood board Strat or Tele plus cash your way, or another high-end guitar, or maybe a Lazy J20 or other handwired 1x12 combo with reverb. More pics available on request. Thanks for looking.

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