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How to post pics, PhotoBucket

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Having trouble posting images here?  This might help.
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    Note: a lot of people are having problems* with pop-ups, etc, on Photobucket with mobile devices, and the latest wisdom seems to be to use another hosting service such as Imgur or TinyPic.  see index for further instructions on these image hosts. Problems* ~ see >here< for posted issues discussions / threads.

    Edited and moved from being the original post in this thread, partly due to edit restrictions on the forum saying the body text is too long to repost in the OP, and partly to separate it out, as PhotoBucket is just one of a number of options, and is now treated that way

    PhotoBucket (or similar hosting)copy the  direct link , paste into the "comment box" on here (the box you are typing the rest of the text in), and the system software sorts it all out nicely.  (same with YT videos)
    (you may need to refresh your browser to see the pics BTW)

    @jonnyburgo said  "That used to work for me, I'm on chromebook at the mo and unless I do the above it doesn't, must depend on the operating system.  Copy the direct link on photobucket and then click on the insert image button on here but BEFORE you paste, delete the http:// that shows in the box, now it should work."
    So if the above fails, try pasting via the "insert image" button (towards the right end of the toolbar). 

    (Other web hosts work fine too, but you need a direct link to the picture file, (.jpg etc), see here for Facebook - (and another discussion on the subject if you are bored and want to kill a bit of time))

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