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There are currently 4 separate competitions;
a monthly "Riff of the Month" (RotM).
a monthly "Raw Riff of the Month" (RRotM)
a monthly "Solo of the Month" (SotM)
a bi-monthly composition challenge.
The intention of these challenges is to give people a stimulus for creating some music (that's why we all play guitars, isn't it??).
Entries can be as simple or complex as you like - anything from single guitar tracks through to multi-tracked multi-instrument masterpieces.  Your choice! 

Take a listen to some of the previous entries (linked below) to get an idea of the range of entries from previous challenges.

Create a riff not exceeding 50 secs long.  This competition is intended for RIFFS rather than complete songs, hence the time restriction.
Entries close on the 24th of each month - voting takes place between 24th and end of the month when the winner is announced.

As with the RotM challenge, but this is for single-track guitar (or bass) riffs only.

Create and record a solo over a backing track that will be provided.  Other rules as per the RotM challenge.

Send entries for the above challenges to RotM AT in mp3 (or other compressed) format.  Make sure you give us a clue about which challenge you're entering!  Entries will be uploaded to our SoundCloud playlist for that month.

Create a piece of music that reflects the challenge's theme, which changes for each challenge.  
It opens on the 1st of the month - when the theme will be announced - and all entries are to be submitted by the 15th of the following month when voting starts.  Winner announced on the 31st of that month.
For 2015, entries are due by 15th Jan, 15th Mar, 15th May, 15th Jul, 15th Sept, & 15th Nov.

Send entries for this challenge to Compostion AT in mp3 format.  They will be uploaded to our SoundCloud playlist for that challenge.

These challenges are intended only as friendly competition.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary copyright (etc) to post your entries which remain your property.  
This competition is NOT administered by the administration of and the website takes no responsibility for any content produced or uploaded via this competition.

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