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theFB - an Introduction. **PLEASE READ**

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TheFB – introduction.

The FretBoard.  TheFB.

We made this place.  It’s by us, it’s for us.  It’s ours.  What we choose to do with it is up to us.  We can make it great, or even-better-than-great.

We have made it rather quickly.  The launch version was created inside 7 days (I’d like to see anyone else create a whole new world that quickly).  So this is version 1.00.

You all know what v1.00 means.  It will have bugs.  We’ll stamp on those once we find them.  Help us look and let us know, politely.

We are – mostly – human, so some stuff will take some time.  Not everything will happen immediately, but everything possible will happen eventually.

MusicRadar – pah.  History.

We really only have one rule.  We made it easy to remember.    If everyone sticks to the one rule, our world has a pretty good chance of becoming better-than-great.  You’re now thinking that it must be a really clever rule to be so singularly powerful.  It is.

We’ve called it “rule 1”.

Don’t Be A Dick.

(^ that was the rule).

Because some people like rules, we did make some others.  But they all come back to DBAD.  Stick to that rule and we’ll all be happy (apart from the Dicks) and our world will be a good place.


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    TheFB – how it works

    This is not the MusicRadar forum, nor a copy of it.  We think that’s a good thing.  It looks different.  It works differently.  We also think that those are good things.

    It will take time to get used to, but we will soon get used to it. 

    You post your comments into discussions, which we’re organised into a number of sub-headings; they should be self-explanatory.  Perhaps with the exception of “Speakers Corner” section.  The rules there are more relaxed, but there are still rules.  Including rule 1.

    At the top of each post is the poster’s avatar, his/her name, and a “flag” button.  Flag stuff that you would like the moderation team to have a look at, either because you think breaks rule 1 or because it's in the wrong section or needs some tidying up.

    At the bottom of each post is a row of buttons that become active when you hover over them. 

    Quote – you know what this is.

    LOL / Wow / Wisdom / FacePalm.  Click on those to “vote” on the post, depending on your reaction to it.  If a post gets too many FacePalm votes, it’s possible that Dick wrote it.  Voting is not mandatory.

     You’ve got buttons to interact with FaceBook & Twitter too.

    You get a full WYSIWG post editor by default.  So you can use your full creative talents to make your posts stand out.  Just remember the “dumb” button is available to all readers, so keeping things to a reasonably standard font size and colour (etc) is probably a good idea.

    Your posts can include video, sound and your special memories.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    To embed YT clips, SoundCloud clips (etc), copy and paste the URL or the “share” code from those sites.  BUT make sure that the WYSIWYG editor is turned off first (that’s the button on the top row, second-in from the right).

    If you’re writing a very long post, you can expand the post window by clicking on the right-most button on the top row (the one that says “Expand” on the tool tip).
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    The FB – The Mods

    There are Mods.  Hopefully their work is made a lot easier by the simple rules, and because we all want to enjoy our place.  Together.  In peace and harmony.  (Except in Speakers Corner.)

    Mods can delete posts, if necessary.  Mods can ban people, if necessary.  We hope that doesn’t become necessary.  But if you think it is necessary, hit the “Flag” button at the top of the post.  We’re also thinking that anyone banned can appeal the ban in a few months time.  Once they’ve understood rule 1.


    TheFB – The Admin Team

    Think of the admin team as the housekeepers, caretakers and Supreme Court, combined.  The role of the admin team is to keep theFB up and running and generally a wonderful place to spend your time.  That covers the technical administration of theFB as well as overseeing the Mods.  Once we get our little box working, the admin team will be Time Lords.


    TheFB – Your Profile

    Avatars are back.  These will be re-sized automatically, but it’ll help if you choose small images – say 150x150 max.

    You can have signatures too - but please keep them to no more than 2 lines of text.  Links to other sites are fine.  Images probably aren’t.

    There’s an “Introduce Yourself” thread (in Off Topic) which you’re very welcome to complete, just to tell the rest of us a little bit about you.

    You can set all sort of notification preferences.  Do that under your “profile” settings.  The “popup” notifications are neat. 


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    TheFB – The Future

    Remember, this is version 1.00.

    We have some thoughts of what we can introduce in the future – but you’ll have views too.  We want theFB to stay “ours”, which means that we want your views and suggestions.  Politely would be nice.  We’ll let you know what we can do (and when) and what we can’t do (and why).

    Until version 1.10, please enjoy version 1.00.

    MR is dead.  Long live theFB.  It's ours.

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