EVERYTHING SOLD Spector Bantam Short Scale Bass Euro Series, 30", EMG Pickups and Preamp.

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This is a really superb short scale bass, the best I've had bar none.  It's in as new condition as far as I can see, I went over it yesterday and I can't see any marks, scuffs or scratches.  It's never been gigged.

Spector basses are really as good as it gets and these Czech made Bantams are just amazing.  Quality of construction and finish is unreal.  The Bantams have that superb scooped back that Spector basses are famous for and it makes it so comfortable to play.  Also the best balanced bass I've played courtesy of the strap button mounts.  I have weighed it on 2 sets of digital scales and I'm getting 3.5 Kg on one set and 3.6 Kg on the other.  Feels stupidly light on a strap though. 

The gig bag is really high quality and has never been used.

Pickups and preamp offer a huge range of sounds.  This is the first preamp I've ever had on any bass I've owned and it just offers so many more tonal options.  Pickups will do that huge P bass thump but can be really articulate as well.  I've been using it with a Trace Elliot head and oversized Peavey 1x15 and it's killer.

I've never had to set this up, came out of the factory with a perfect set up.  I am pretty sure its strung with  D'addario XL-170s (roundwounds) with very little use.

Anyway, happy to answer any questions or take more photos if you need anything specific.  I took the photos below yesterday indoors as it was pissing down; was intending to do some decent photos outside today but the weather is going to put the kybosh on that.  Apologies for the quality of the photos!

Will put a full spec list below.

I am happy to ship this at the buyer's expense due to issues around Covid but also happy for a socially distanced pick up if you're anywhere near Cambridgeshire.

Looking for £800......


TOP WOOD                            USA Figured Maple
BODY WOOD                         Chambered European Alder


NECK WOOD                          3pc Maple with Graphite Rods
FRETBOARD                           Rosewood
NUMBER OF FRETS               22
NUT WIDTH                             1.50"
SCALE                                      30"


CONTROLS                               Bridge Volume, Neck Volume, Stacked Bass Cut/Boost & Treble Cut/Boost
PICKUPS                                   EMG 35DC
PREAMP SYSTEM                    EMG BTS Active EQ Circuit


HARDWARE                               Black
BRIDGE                                      Spector Aluminum Locking
TUNERS                                     Gotoh GB-707


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  • surfguy13surfguy13 Frets: 111
    Thought I'd bump this with a price reduction as it has to go sadly........Trace Elliot (Made in England) head and oversized USA Peavey 1x15 also for sale.  Both superb condition.  Give me a shout if you want details.
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