FS: G-Lab GSC-3

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All in good condition most with velcro attached with boxes etc..

G-Lab GSC-3. Comes complete with PSU and all power cables to power up to 6 9v pedals - £100

PPG or bank transfer including delivery to UK mainland.

Belle Epoch Deluxe - £200 (SOLD)
Radial Bigshot ABY - £50 (SOLD)
eBow - £45 (SOLD)
Boss DD3 - £65 (SOLD)
D'Addario Chromtaic Tuner Pedal - £35 ONO (SOLD)
Blackstone Mosfet OD - £125 (SOLD)
Boss RC10R - £165 (SOLD)
Thorpy Camoflange (TPS edition) - £200 (SOLD)
Palmer PDI-06 8 ohm Power Soak - £75 ONO (SOLD)

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