FS Gibson les paul custom 1989 vintage sunburst £1800 (NOW SOLD)

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hi folks,
new amp means I need to part with this trusty ol' Les Paul. I've owned it for approx 16 years and I will be sad to see it go. It's in good condition for its age with NO neck breaks, but does carry a few minor battle scars.
Its currently fitted with a set of WCR Filmores which will be replaced with the original Bill Lawrence pickups. It was re-fretted in 2009 by our very own Feline guitars with Dunlop 6000 frets. The nut was also replaced with a an Earvana compensated type and the bridge changed to a tone pro bridge. (Original included) Jonathan also fitted a set of sperzel locking tuners when I first bought the guitar,again originals are included.
this guitar is beautifully intonated and the Dunlop frets help make bending a breeze. Despite the big frets, I had been using this as my main guitar for slide work and it's always done the job just right.

regarding the couple of minor war wounds, there is a dent on the side edge above the switch where a glass ashtray was knocked off the sofa onto the guitar. Approx 15mm and a small sliver of wood and a corner of the binding were knocked off when the guitars headstock bashed into a low ceiling. Both these bits didn't actually fall off until the Guitar was put back in its case and so have been glued back into place and touched up nicely. Carries the usual bit of buckle rash on the back. Also the back latch on the case is broken which I still have if you want to try and fix it, although I reckon it could do with a new one.
just ask if you need any more info.

P.s. Located near Eastbourne but regularly work in the south London area so can arrange meet ups.
don't really fancy putting this in the post to be honest!

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