Cheap short scales

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I've currently got a baritone (Cort Sunset) and a VI (Eastwood Sidejack), and am thinking about selling/trading the Sidejack and picking up a cheap short scale bass instead.  No reflection on the Sidejack at all (it's great), but there's a bit too much overlap between the bari and VI, and for occasional bass use it's overkill.  I'm pretty much wedded to the short scale "thing" (I like the sound/feel) and wondered what opinions there were floating around about some of the cheaper SS basses out there, namely...

Squier Jaguar Bass
Ibanez Talman TMB-30
Gretsch Junior Jet II 

...Happy to hear recommendations for anything else, but these seem to be the most commonly available ones for not much money (not looking to spend over 200, new or used).

New fangled trading feedback link right here!
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