New Kemper/Helix audio reproduction device day (Red Sound - GRFR if you will)

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So, I have a trusty DXR10 that I use with both Kemper and Helix and it's a fine bit of kit. I've no problems using it live and have done many times. At home in my little studio though it leaves me a bit cold. It's hard to describe why, I just find it a bit immediate and unforgiving. I've looked at the Atomic CLR, but that's a grand these days. The Mission looks the part but I've read some mixed reviews, plus it's a lot of cash. I'd have bought a Matrix FR12 if they'd had them in stock.
Enter the Red Sound RS-LG12. I've been keeping an eye on these for a while as they've been getting some, mostly Italian, enthusiastic reviews (I notice Marco Fanton has started using one). There are also some good reviews on the Kemper forum. So, I bagged one of the B-stock items from Thomann... and here it is... matches the Kemper, the shrubbery and everything:

And it's bloody brilliant. It's breathed a whole new life into my relationship with the Kemper - it's so much more like having the actual amp in the room.
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