Tokai Jazz Bass Quandary

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I have a Tokai Jazz Sound bass which I've had since 1984, I recently got it out of it's case again and realised it's in need of a bit of work.
My quandary is do I get the work done or cut my losses and go out and get something new?

Here's an idea of the condition of the bass, it's done more gigs than Keef Richards, so there is quite a bit of 'reliccing'. I've had it down to the bare wood a couple of times and resprayed it, so the finish is okay but not good for resale value.
The Neck needs at minimum a fret dress if not a refret. It also needs a good set up and probably neck/nut adjustment.

I replaced the pickups and control panel a couple of years ago so that is the only change from stock.

So the question is - Is it economically viable to get the above work done or should spend the money on a new bass?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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