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    I've done a jam-specific version of my master setlist so it doesn't alter depending on my next gig, you can view it here -

    @TTony please could you alter the second link in the original post to point to this link instead?

    300 songs with the top 190 or so very easy to jam to (column J), arranged in order of popularity at my gigs (column K), and the next 70 possible to jam to with a bit of preparation, also arranged in order of popularity at gigs. Here's the top few to give you a flavour

    TitleKeyStructureChord progression
    Uptown FunkDmAd libDm G
    Another BrickDmI VBC VBC SoloOnDm VBC VBC I (diff from orig)V: Dmx16 ... Br: Gx4 Dmx2 ... Ch: ||F C Dmx2 || x2
    SuperstitionE (orig Eb)I VC VC [ExtraSoloVs] VC OutroOnE (diff from orig)V: Ex16 ... Ch: |B C|B Bb|A B . Ex4
    Happy BirthdayEOnce through? or VV SoloVs VE B B E . E A B E
    Way You Make Me FeelFI VC VC SoloVC[s] CCV: Fx8 . Bbx3.5 Cx0.5 Fx4 . . . Ch: Fx8
    HaloC (orig Bb)Ad LibC Dm Am F
    Should I Stay Or Should I GoDVVC 4barsD[or SoloV(s)] VCCDx4 . Gx2 Dx2 . Ax2 Dx2 (12bar)
    Johnny B GoodeG (orig in Bb)I VC VC SoloVV VCC (or Ad Lib)Gx4 . Cx2 Gx2 . Dx2 G D (12bar but plays V chord 2 bars instead of V IV)
    Welcome To The JungleAI VC VC SoloVC VC SoloCs (not as orig)V: Ax4 Ex4 ... Ch: ||C D Emx2 ||x2 (not as orig)
    Get LuckyBmAd lib||Bm D F#m E || throughout (not as orig)
    Hard To HandleC (orig B )I VV SoloV (V) SoloVV: Cx8 Gx2 C! ... ||Bb F C || x4 (play link following v2 at 1:19 after every verse, not as orig)
    Mustang SallyCI V V V [SoloVs?] V (diff from orig)12bar in C
    SummertimeAmIntroV VV IntroV SoloV(s) VV IntroV (or ad lib)Amx4 . Dm F Ex2 ... Amx4 . C E Amx2
    Sweet Home AlabamaDVaries according to whimD C G G
    Aint No SunshineAmIntroV VV C V SoloVs V repeatLastLinex3Amx4 . Em Dm Amx2
    I Feel GoodDVV B V [Solos?] B VV repeatLastLine repeatLastLineAndExtendRiffAtEndV(12bar): Dx4 . Gx2 Dx2 . A G Dx2 .. Br: Dx4 . Gx2 Dx2 . Gx2 Ax2
    I Will SurviveAmslowV VCC SoloV VVCC Solos Cs adlib (not as orig)Am Dm G C . F Bm7b5 E4 E
    JambalayaC (orig G)I VC VC SoloCs C lastlinex3C G G C
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    If you can make use of these, please help yourselves.

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