For Sale: Line 6 BackTrack + Mic guitar recorder, looper, microphone

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For Sale:  


 Line 6 BackTrack + Mic
 .   £70

guitar recorder /  looper  /  microphone /  instant playback

 large memory - 24 hours!



•  Up to stunning 24-bit, 48 kHz audio 
Up to 24 hours of audio capture 
• 1/4-inch guitar input 
• 1/4-inch output 
• Microphone with gain control 
• 1/8-inch headphone/Line out 
• Drag .WAV files to your computer via USB 2.0 
• Rechargeable via USB 
• Over 8 hours of battery life 
• Looped playback 

Typical flash, MP3 and cassette recorders can be complicated, expensive and unreliable when put to the test. They offer low-quality sound and no intuitive way to keep recordings organized. Designed for guitarists by guitarists, BackTrack solves each one of these historic problems. 

A super-quiet 1/4-inch input, a 1/4-inch output for immediate playback, a "Mark" button to organize your best ideas on-the-fly, a "Play" button for instant replay, better-than-CD-quality audio, a rugged flash memory, lightning-fast USB 2.0 for importing audio to your DAW while the internal battery recharges... flash recorders wish they could be BackTrack. 

Best of all, BackTrack is so easy to use that it doesn't even have a record button. It’s always on, and always listening, because you can't plan for inspiration. When great ideas strike at rehearsal, in the car or while you're sleeping, BackTrack is armed and ready. What good is a recording device if it’s not ready when you are? 

Manual available online 


Also available:

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 DOD 270 A/B selector  £30

Nobels A-B/V active a/b selector.  - £35

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