SOLD - Ultra rare lefty Collings I35LC in tobacco sunburst - Price Drop

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There's no way I could justify £5,000 for a new one so I may live to regret this but as I don't have much time to play these days it makes sense to thin out the herd. 

The LC stands for Laminate Construction which isn't a poor relation to solid wood but Bill Collings's take on a 1959 Gibson 335 which were, and still are made from plywood. Unless you're chasing a very mellow sound, laminate is preferred to solid wood in a semi because it allows the use of higher output pickups, in this case Lollar Imperial, standard wind. 

Spec and current price (£4,995 new, right handed) here:



There is a tiny surface ding on the back of the headstock which I will photograph when the light improves as it isn't showing up under artificial light. Other than that it has a nicely played in look and feel. 

Yours for £2,750. 

Price includes shipping within UK.
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