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A couple of interesting guitars I've made and can build for you:

1) Full scale Jag-Stang Deluxe:
it's a fixed & improved design. Wiped Fender's nose, cleaned the shape, fixed the inherent issues and problems. The result is a bold and daring fucker that wants to transform your pain into music. Very responsive (unlike Fender's design). Very instant, resonating. Long scale gives it more dynamics, it breathes when you play it on the brink of break-up. Long scale is very important there, as the active part of the guitar is longer (inbetween neck and bridge), and the butt that takes no positive role in the resonance is much less than that of a 24" Fender (and it looks overall more balanced and elegant). Finished in pure, true nitrocellulose. I check and make sure each and every guitar plays brilliantly (if it doesn't - I keep changing its neck until I find the perfect match for it).

These strat from £750.

2) I build a lot of lefty guitars. I play with both hands and feel it's important to produce LH instruments. Some photos of my work follow.

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