Anybody want keyboards on recordings?

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Updated with some examples:

First 2 of 6 tracks I've worked on for @victorludorum ;

First album from J R Harbidge due for release in September:

Alongside my usual band stuff last year I also recorded keyboard parts for a guy who is releasing an album this year. Never met him - he sends me the tracks and I just track keyboard parts against them and send him wavs back which he then mixes / keeps what he wants / discards what he doesn't / sometimes asks me if I can try something different etc.

I quite enjoy the process and would be interested in doing more along these lines if anybody is interested - amatuer remote keyboard session work I suppose (for free, although I obviously expect to be credited).

Only really interested in projects that are planned for some kind of release and of a reasonably competent standard, and I guess it mainly works where the keyboard parts are additional rather than central to arrangements

Piano / organ is my bread and butter, but I've also done some melotron / strings etc, and can do synth tones / other noises. Genre wise I'm fairly flexible although melancholy indie singer songwriter stuff / americana is what I'm most familiar with.

PM me if you're working on anything I might be interested in
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