Professional Adjustable Backdrop 3.5mx 3m £120 ---SOLD---

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Custom made by  Highspec Ltd in Earl Shinton, Leicester.

This is the best  backdrop that money can buy.

Perfect for a  band or for photo shoot.

Adjustable in height and length, with a super sturdy base. Unlike a tripod, this takes no space at all, so that you can place your backdrop right against a wall, and set your gear next to it.

I’ve used it with my function band for many years, and it always added a special touch to any event.

The drape is made of heavy duty black wool…as thick as a rug, this thing is not going to flap around!

In perfect condition, always kept inside, always dry.

The maximum size  is 3.5m wide, 3m high. You can adjust it, so you can have any size under that, in both width and height.

Cost new: £380 + delivery

Feel free to get in touch if you want to ask any questions


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