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Clearing out a load of mostly fiction. All in great condition given I have a thing about breaking the spine of paperbacks. Don't know why.

Will catalog soon but here's a bookshop-esque  browsing opportunity:

The Kings and Stephensons are gone already. £1.50 ppg posted per item. If it's a monster like Hyperion it'll be double that. Multiples at discount rates. Posting once a week ideally.

Starter for 10:

Dan Simmons - Hyperion trilogy (3 quid cos it's huge).
All of the James SA Corey expanse series up to book 6.
All of Richard Morgan's Takeshi Kocacs series.
Chris Beckett: Dark Eden
Adrian Tchaikovsky: Children of time
Becky Chambers: the long way to a small planet.
Andy Weir: the Martian.
Michel Fabre: the book of strange new things.
Mons Kallentoft: all of the Malin Fors series up to the most recent.
Alastair Gray: Lanark (a biggie - 3 quid)
A pile of Neil Gaimans including American Gods, neverwhere, Anansie boys and some I can't remember.
numerous Henning Mankell / Inspector Branagh. 
Numerous John  Connolly.

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