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Reluctant sale here.

Fantastic amp and incredibly versatile. Valves replaced  when serviced, the new EL34 valves are now TAD not the JJ's in the photo,  also had a new reverb tank fitted after discovering it did not work, I never use reverb so did not realise until testing for selling, also  had the V1 valve replaced mid November (2018) and got my tech to check over the amp to make sure all was in good working order. 

Both channels are highly usable and it's capable of many sounds and styles from shimmering chimy clean to massive high gain, some describe the sound as 3D.

Comes with original foot-switch which also gives an option to have both channels on simultaneously.

Built like a tank in 2004  

I wrote to Bad Cat for information they got back to me with:

 "That is an older Hotcat with an active tube driven effects loop. Later the controls were added to the back. My guess is that is the first one with a loop, its a custom 2004. Prob January and prob built for someone who requested these additions"

£1300 - Price Drop £1200  December only price drop £1100    Now £999!   (I could have put £1000) Exclusive to Fretboard If not sold by end of January I'll probably withdraw until better times and prices.      Withdrawn 

Based in Bournemouth, due to weight and price collection only. 

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