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Mrs B wanted to have a bit of a loft sort out today. So we did. Up amongst the multitude of crap are quite a few old instrument cases that I've *ahem* collected over the years. In amongst them was one that I didn't recall. It's (from memory) an old Takamine hard case (I've never owned a Takamine)...

Took it down from the loft to have a look. Well, inside I find an Octave Mandolin. 

It was made back in 2003 by Dave Freshwater in Scotland. He went bankrupt in 2011-ish and so you cannae' get them any more. 

It's in a bit of a state. From memory, I used it live up until about 2005 when an irritating jack socket issue caused me to put it away. It's been sleeping in it's case since then. The 12 year old strings are kaput. The frets quite shockingly rusty, and it needs a damn good clean.

Back in 2005 I was not so electronics savvy - so I pulled the jack socket tonight, had a look, found a dodgy wire, resoldered it in like 30 seconds flat, gave it a test and it's fine.

Clean up and fret polish required, along with new strings and a setup and I think it will be okay. You'll notice it's built the old way.. The real old way... none of this fancy truss rod or bracing malarky - Its a proper club of a neck and weighty to go with it..

We shall see ;)

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