Mani (Stone Roses / Primal Scream) selling off some gear

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All gear that's been toured or used in the studio (and a John Squire Strat too!)
  • A Rickenbacker 4005 bass used throughout Mani's time with the Stone Roses as a backup for the infamous Pollock Paint Spattered 4005 and in the studio.

  • A Fender Bassman head and cab used on the recent singles, "All for One" and "Beautiful Thing." Sold

  • Mesa Boogie heads and cab used on Second Coming album and '95-'96 tour.

  • An Epiphone Jack Casady bass used in the Roses reunion tour including their performance at Heaton Park in Manchester.

  • A Fender acoustic bass used as a warmup instrument on the last tour. Sold

  • A Rickenbacker 3005 played towards the end of the Stone Roses and during the early days of Primal Scream. Sold

  • A Gibson EB-3 used in the Stone Roses for the Second Coming Tour. The back of this bass features artwork by Mani.  Sold

  • More!

Check it out here:

Full disclosure: Reverb Employee - Yes we do have them in the UK :) But thought you guys might be interested
Full disclosure: I'm a terrible guitar player. Work for as their UK Marketing Director and prior to that was Head of Digital Marketing at Andertons for 6 years. 
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