SOLD: Remo Paulo Mattioli Signature Djembe

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I got this for my then GF now wife.  Whatever our marital status, one thing has not changed, and that's her attention span.  Suffice it to say, that this luverly Djembe has had very light use!

I know very little about such things, but as she is a veggie, I got it without the usual leather bits / animal products.  However the official blurb is as follows:

The Paulo Mattioli key-tuned Djembe is part of the Remo Designer Series, which features some of the most user friendly and eco-friendly djembes in the world. This Acousticon shell, made from 100 percent recycled wood fiber, is a great choice for professionals as well as recreational drummers too, being portable, tunable, durable, playable and sustainable. The 16" Fiberskyn drumhead sounds great, producing crisp slap tones along with warm bass tones.

I do need to check the exact size, and will update this when I've checked.  Based on the 16" version, which is currently £421.25 (lists at £527), I'm asking £275 collected - now £150 collected.  Or trades.  Or offers.  Or anything.

Blurb and costs from gear4music site -

More pics, of such a salacious nature that you will have no recourse, despite your best intentions, than to part with your hard earned cash, to land this absolute beauty!  Why get a Tom Murphy aged Les Paul when you can salivate over this beast, and make a noise that is guaranteed to piss off your neighbours?

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