Feline Lion Cub Deluxe - 5 string banjo/guitar

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A guitar made for a banjo player who wanted something that would feel familiar that he could play open G bluegrass, blues and Rolling stones open G guitar licks on.
John commissioned this for us after us looking after his son's strats for years 
A little left field but an interesting challenge with some custom parts needed

Basically a lightweight Lion Cub with a flame maple cap and binding with a narrow neck spaced for just 5 strings

We still used our all access neck joint

For the headstock we just narrowed down our headstock and fitted only 5 tuners using an MOP heart where there would be another , and brought the other two tuners a little closer

Inalys on the front follow the traditional bluegrass format having a marker at the 10th fret and not the 9th

A custom bridge was made for it - nothing too out there , just a 5 string strat hardtail

And finally we had some special pickups made by Ash at Oil City Pickups - these were a big block single coils in a humbucker size enclosure - using a tapped winding going between a tele type sound and a fatter P90-ish tone.
We will use push pull pots on the tone controls to switch between sounds

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