FS: Music Man Stingray 5 string - £900

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I received this in a trade a few years ago and intended to sell it straight away, but I really liked it. However, the only band that I play bass in is a pink floyd covers band and this doesn't really fit so it's time to let it go.

It's in excellent condition. I won't say mint as I've taken it out of the house a few times, but there aren't any dents to the body etc.
It comes with the original hard case.

This is an active bass and I've had a little bit of trouble with the battery box. Sometimes it will look like it is closed, when actually it needs to be pressed in a bit more. Until you do this there is no signal.
Once it's done it doesn't move, so it's not like you'll be playing and the signal cuts out, but ideally it will need looking at.

Price is £900. I believe that usually they go for more, but I'm conscious that there is the problem with the battery box.

Cash on collection only from Leeds, so you can check it over before committing to buy.

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