3x MIJ Les Pauls for sale - 2 Greco, 1 Orville

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As my experimentation with MIJ Les Pauls continues it's time to sell off a couple I haven't bonded with. Great guitars, but there's a lot of competition here!

All three have the original Japanese gigbags - no hardcase. This makes shipping tricky. However, if you want, I can purchase a hard case and ship - costs to be agreed by purchaser beforehand obviously!

1989 Greco EG59-60 Traded

In deep cherry this is in superb condition for the year. It arrived to me with completely microphonic pickups - which was a little disappointing. I've fitted a set of Alnico Vs from a 2003 Gibson Les Paul. They are marked patent applied for with a "handwound by PS" sticker on the back. Now sounds like a beast! 
New Ernie Ball 10s.
Open o headstock
No serial number

Brilliant guitar but I've got a -65 and a -75 (which is awesome) so this doesn't get a look in unfortunately.

£550 Traded

1978 Greco EG600 Triple pickup

1978, pancake body, triple pickup. Arrived with a duff jack socket, which has been replaced. Had a basic setup and now plays really nicely. Get your @HarrySeven on!
Will have a new switch tip before it goes anywhere!


1994 Orville Les Paul Custom

Imported this from Japan. Rosewood board and quite light for a LP. Solid body. Previous owner has customised with ghost hot rod flames on the top.


The green orange is also up for sale in the amps bit


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