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Clear out continues....

Shipping for all of them is an additional £30 or collection from Hinckley:

1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Ebony board. Wine red (slightly translucent). Plenty of honest wear but good condition for the year. 4.53 kg. Light buckle rash on back. Hardware has great patina to it. Comes with Gibson hardcase. £1750

Fender Telecaster Lacquer - MIM, Flash nitro lacquer, tweed hardcase-  £450 - SOLD

PRS SE One, Black, Good condition - £150 - ON HOLD PENDING

1978 Greco EG600 Triple pickup

1978, pancake body, triple pickup. Arrived with a duff jack socket, which has been replaced. Had a basic setup and now plays really nicely. Get your @HarrySeven on!
Will have a new switch tip before it goes anywhere!

£450 - SOLD

1994 Orville Les Paul Custom - SOLD

Imported this from Japan. Rosewood board and quite light for a LP. Solid body. Previous owner has customised with ghost hot rod flames on the top.

£400 - SOLD

1977 Tokai Les Paul Reborn LS50 with original case

Genuine Japanese Tokai Les Paul Reborn in superb condition. Comes with original 'Tokai Les Paul Reborn' Hard Case. 

This has the Les Paul headstock, which I am led to believe was only available for one year (77/78). This particular model is the Ls50. For a guitar of 40 years it looks like it has been very well looked after with only very very minimal marks and certainly no significant buckle rash. Have been debating whether or not to just put this away as "it might be worth something some day" but I have an incoming 

There three areas to highlight:
1) Crack in the headstock veneer - not in the actual headstock - just veneer.
2) Has had a new nut - and there is a slight glue "dribble" visible on the bass side of the neck near the nut slot
3) Two black marks in the body, under where the pickguard should sit

Pickguard is in the hardcase

£1100 - SOLD

2012 Fender USA Strat - needs a fret dress, but great guitar. Has hardcase - £500 - SOLD

1990 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 with sweet switch. Vintage yellow. Hardcase - £1700 - TRADED

PRS SC254 27/08 Limited Edition. 101 of 250 with signed cavity cover, all case candy and case - £1500 - SOLD

2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Amberburst - mint. Fabulous Les Paul - £1100 - SOLD

Gibson Les Paul Classic - Wine Red - Well used! (bit of a beater - but plays fantastically and no neck damage) - £900 - SOLD

Orville by Gibson Les Paul 57 Reissue. Superb MIJ R7. Thick neck! - SOLD
1989 Greco EG59-60 - Made in Korea

£350 if collected - SOLD

Fender Classic Player 50s Strat - Shoreline Gold - Gigbag - £400 - SOLD

Tokai LS128 Burst - SOLD

Gorgeous 2015 Tokai LS128. Made in Japan
Fitted with Faber locking bridge, Gotoh Magnum locking tuners, Mojo Vintage PAFs
Chunky 59 profile neck
Fabulous Les Paul.
With hardcase.

£750 - SOLD

1981 Tokai LS50 Love Rock with OX4s. This is a stunner. Just the right amount of wear, and oozes mojo. Lame, I know. And no, I'm not going to say it plays like butter. It makes butter look those really sticky bastard little burrs that get stuck to you and won't come off. It's better than butter. I bought it from @Limehouse_Blues , then had to sell it last year ( @Dominic ) bought it, and I bought it back when I had the chance. Comes in hardcase. £800  - SOLD
album here: 

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