C18 Q1 - rebuild all my personal guitars that are in bits!

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So not really a very exciting challenge but more of an exercise in time management and discipline!

I'm working 7 days a week for the next couple of months, 4 a week on a contract job I picked up out of the blue and 3 a week in my spraybooth/workshop. So I've got very little spare time, but these three guitars being in bits has been bugging me a long time. All been in parts for a while.

First up and the closest to finishing is my P-Bass - a Squier precision that has been treated to a new alder body  that I finished in Burgundy Mist back in spring/summer 2017. Was really just a test of my new equipment and paints so it's not perfect but fine for me. I've given the neck a matching headstock. Also it has a nice new parchment guard and I did the wiring late the other night. Same Tonerider pickups I had in it previously.

So if I get a minute this weekend I need to sand the neck pocket ever so slightly to fit the neck, drill and mount pickguard and pickups /bridge etc and setup. 

Now one of my favourite ever guitars....

My Tele Thinline. Body by John Manuel, a few years back.

Used to look like this:

Which I like alot but over time I got restless, of course... The neck was actually a fat strat neck and the vibramate was sold, but I still have the Bigsby and think I'm just going to mount it directly from now on. Also I knew I would refinish this one as soon as I started my business as although the Fiesta Red looked very cool it was not the best job. It was done by a known person/company for an absolute bargain price but was very basic. Some grain was still visible (on an alder body, I know?!) and no clear coats. Obviously a superquick one or two coat job, but still it probably cost me less than the materials I would have needed.

Now it looks like this...

Had a minute between some clear coats on customer guitars today so I drilled the neck mounting holes:

And I also had time to respray the headstock with some tinted lacquer. So... needs clear coats on the neck, tuners fitting, drilling for Bigsby and then general reassembly and setup. I'm so excited to get this guitar back in circulation I love it! WIll be using a Bigsby modified tele bridge with Marc Rutters steel saddles that I had on it before. Obviously I'm using a new neck which is a TRO-FAT. Once it went metallic it had to have a rosewood neck. That's my rule!

Guitar number 3 is my old Landola Hummingbird copy.

I'm going to hopefully replace the nut with a newly-carved bone nut, maybe get a custom carved bone intonated bridge on there to replace the adjustable one and fit some Gibson tuners. Need some conversion bushings to cover the larger holes in the headstock - or do I just go with Grovers if I can scrape up the cash??

Anyway, this is a lovely sounding guitar. It lacks bass for a dreadnought which for me is a good thing as it records really nicely without being overpoweringly bassy.

So there it is... not really an exciting scratch build challenge like you other guys, but just setting a time limit on these will really help me get them finally sorted!

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  • rexterrexter Frets: 51
    Might get some time to work on the bass later but I couldn't resist a quick mock up of how my tele should be looking in a few weeks. Will have a different bridge to work with the Bigsby, but still with the traditional ashtray template. This cements the Bigsby plan in my mind. Will have a proper tele heel neck rather than this strat one I just grabbed for the picture. Next step is to shield the cavities with copper foil. It's a real pain in the arse with the thinline control chamber, but well worth doing, difference is huge.

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