*price drops*FT/Fs: Budda Phat 12 Speaker 8ohm / Celestion G12-35XC Limited

timmysofttimmysoft Frets: 1883
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Budda phat 12, similar to a celestion CL80 but with a bit more low end and little more chime to the mids. USA made. 8ohm 75w will be supplied in a celestion speaker box

£30 posted

Celestion G12 -35XC Limited edition. 35w 8ohm, really unique speaker that seems to blend the best bits of the H30 with the CL80. Huge vented magnet and now broken in (about 35hours use all with an 18w amp) original box. Pics to follow 
*SOLD* £45 posted

or if you’d like both £70 posted.
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