Short Review: Laney AH4x4

Hi. Since I've asked a few questions in this forum about acoustic amps for busking, I thought it polite, and I hope, interesting to let you know what I bought.
I bought a Laney AH4x4 battery/mains 35w PA thingy. 

Why did I go for it?
It.s capable of running off 3x1860's 8x AA's, (or is it 6?), and mains. It's fairly small, and as it sits vertically, it has a small "footprint", as they say.
It lacks bells and whistles, but does have 4 inputs, which are XLR/Quarter inch x2, stereo quarters, (L&R), and aux/bluetooth.
FX wise, it has an understated reverb/echo.

"Ow does it 'andle?" as the bikers used to say..... Well, I tested it on mains power, while 3 18650's charged, (took 8 hours), and found it to be clear and simple. It's loud enough, but no hall filler, (more on output a little later).
I tested the bluetooth, though doubt I'll ever use it, and found it to be easy to connect and reliable, (paired with an old Samsung Note 3).

To keep my neighbours happy, 50% on the channel gain and 50% on the master volume was quite enough from my passive L R Baggs M1.
Taking it outside, I abandoned it temporarily 50 feet from the house and fed it some bluetoothed John Martyn. With the phone output at 75% and the Laney at about 75%, I began worrying about complaints... It got loud!

The batteries.
3x 18650 are supposed to run this beasty for about 20 hours, (yes, TWENTY). I don't know yet, but I've run it for 3 hours with no signs of a problem, and suspect, (with quality batteries, and not at full blast), it might do it.  I'm guessing, (based on experience of 18650's), that ay full blast, it'll run about 4 hours,

.... And
And it looks good, has a pole mount option, can be laid on it's side, and it's quite cheap.

I like it.

Hope you find this interesting. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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