Gigpig - compact, portable drum kit

TrudeTrude Frets: 353

This is the coolest little drum kit you'll ever see. Based on an oversize Cajon, the entire thing assembles in minutes and can roll on/off stage in seconds (yep, it has wheels). Sounds huge miked up, and always turns heads.
Full details can be found here:

This is the Gigpig standard model, and comes with the mountable side-tom and cymbal set (I'm keeping the 14" ride though, so you get an 8" hi-hat, 8" splash and a 10" crash). To buy this new would currently cost you around £1100, plus another £100 for shipping from Sweden.  I'm after £450, collected from Fareham (PO16 8ES)

Note: When I took the photos of the kit assembled, I couldn't find the 10" crash cymbal. It subsequently turned up, so I took a separate photo.

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