SOLD: 1963 Vox AC30 - all original copper top / blue speakers

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Vox AC30 - 1963 Copper Top, all original. £2,200 ono

October 196
All original spec, nothing swapped out.
This one has the desired Woden power, choke etc.
Very desirable Blue Speakers - Beatles/Shadows etcetera
Not labelled in the chassis as T or B though the serial shows a B (which doesn't guarantee it as a Bass).
Against my now previous 64 Bass model it is a bit brighter but that could be down to different / aged caps in either.
Incredibly well maintained inside, this one doesn't crackle at all and is an absolutely beautiful tone.
The Vib/Trem is just outstanding.

I have the original Leather Handles (x2) and I think two of the Vents in a box. 
I changed the handles to vintage spec ones from Northcoast (together with the corners) and removed the vents for better airflow.
There is no vinyl left on the bottom. It clearly wasn't gathering dust too often, which is probably why it has been regularly serviced and doesn't crackle and fart like so many others.

I'll post up some more info when I have time. Here are a few pics to be getting you wet with
Too much touring away now means I would rather move it on than leave it sitting.

Any questions please ask.

I've had that one ages darling
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