Guitarist/Pete Townshend needed urgent for Who tribute

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Hi - we are a Kent based Who tribute called Who Are You UK - all our details are on the website and the FB page etc.  We are in need of a new Pete - we are covered for a while but need to find a permanent replacement. The right guy needs to be ideally not too far from North Kent - most of our gigs are within an hours radius of here - but we do travel further for certain gigs.  The gigs we do are of a good standard, we are not a pub band - and we like to do on average just one or 2 good gigs a month. Quality over quantity. We need someone who would know the role, be capable of it, and be capable and willing to do what is required. Any age (a fit under 60 would be preferable) - not looking for a lookilike but if you do then all the better. Would need a good image, stage performance and the gear. No Time Wasters please. Thank you. You can get in touch on here or through the FB page - preferably the personal one for the singer Steven Hunt - its more easily accesible. 
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