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This isn't mine but has just popped up on my SoundCloud feed from someone I follow.

I thought it was a really good example of what the seven modes sound like and might help anyone struggling with getting their head around the whole idea of modes.

The creator has given this explanation ..

"I am exploring the emotions associated with each scale of our Western Heptatonic matrix. My goal was to get a sense of what each mode sounds like

To make my experiment more relatable, I've used a very popular tune [Twinkle Twinkle Little Star] and merged it with with another pop lullaby - at least for you Germans out there! [Alle meine Entchen]. I did so because the latter uses the 7th degree of the scale, which is perfect as the idea was to not miss out on any of the 7 steps of the scale. The leading voice stays within one octave; I doubled the Root Note an octave below (with a long sustain) to reinforce the Key and to serve as a reference. I used C as Do as it was easier for me to jam on the Piano (though I ended up using Push 2 and Ableton)."

C Ionian (Major)

C Dorian

C Phrygian

C Lydian

C Myxolydian

C Aeolian (Natural Minor)

C Locrian

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