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Hello all,
this will make some of you go ‘hurrumph’ and some of you may even scoff but my favourite guitar is my trusty Yamaha Pac 112J. I bought it new 18 yrs ago. I’ve travelled with it, gigged with it, recorded with it. The cheapest guitar I own, but I love the neck, the fact it always stays in tune and it just works...
Anyway, at some point in the future (not this year, for sure)I’m thinking of replacing the pick ups. Who in the UK makes pick ups? I’m aware of Oil City - which would be my first choice at the moment - and Bare Knuckles and Creamery. There must be others. Anyone on TFB? Any recommendations?
I’m assuming this guitar will just take standard Strat pick ups?
I throw myself open to the wealth of knowledge here.

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