FS - Vox AC4HW1 AC4 Hand-wired

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Good condition AC4 hand-wired for sale. Recently acquired another amp (Cornell Plexi 18/20) and this is no longer getting used. Local pickup from Twickenham. Was £500, price drop to £450.


***Hand-Wired mini combo amp 

***Legendary Top Boost tone inherited from the VOX AC30 

***Volume, Bass, Treble, and Master Volume controls 

***HOT/COOL voice switch 

***4 Watt Class A amplifier design 

***12AX7 preamp tubes (x2); EL84 power tube (x1) 

***Retro Fawn-colored vinyl covering 

***Celestion G12M Greenback speaker 

***All original, great condition with cover and foot switch 

***Home use only with no scrapes or knocks


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